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The Benefits Of Building a Front Porch

A past client of ours recently came to us asking, ‘How do I increase my outdoor living area?’ During our site visit we worked out that a deck/living area to the rear of the house (a standard kiwi home) would not work and a front porch would be the only option for any outdoor living […]

How Do I Finance My New Home Build?

I am sitting here with my client, who has asked me, if I know much about financing a new home build. I then thought I would write a post, to explain in more detail how the finance process actually works for new built home, and share that the process is not all that hard when […]

How To Manage Fatigue Within the Workplace

A PCBU has a duty to manage fatigue within the workplace, and workers have a duty to arrive at work fit for duty. The first step to managing fatigue is identifying the contributing factors that increase the risk. Like all hazards you should try to eliminate first if reasonably practicable to do so. However this […]