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How Much Will My Home Renovation Cost?

This is a very common question I am asked regularly by potential clients and it is a very hard question to answer.  I mean, “how-long is a piece of string”.  It is like me ringing up my dentist and saying my mouth is sore and asking what is wrong with it, or ringing the mechanic […]

The Benefits Of Building a Front Porch

A past client of ours recently came to us asking, ‘How do I increase my outdoor living area?’ During our site visit we worked out that a deck/living area to the rear of the house (a standard kiwi home) would not work and a front porch would be the only option for any outdoor living […]

How Do I Finance My New Home Build?

I am sitting here with my client, who has asked me, if I know much about financing a new home build. I then thought I would write a post, to explain in more detail how the finance process actually works for new built home, and share that the process is not all that hard when […]