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Would You Like A New Kitchen? Check Out Out Latest Before and After Video.

Our clients wanted to renovate their kitchen but also be able to socialise better with their family and friends while in the kitchen preparing their dinners, so we decided to remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room.   The decor was also outdated, the layout was impractical and they needed more kitchen storage.

The work was completed as efficiently as possible to avoid as much inconvenience to the family, with full respect for their house and belongings.

We were really happy with the kitchen renovation and really enjoyed working with this family. We especially enjoyed seeing the owners’ expressions on their faces, when they saw the finished result of their new kitchen. This was priceless. They loved it. Take a look!



Here is our latest kitchen renovation with 2 before images and the after renovation images. A wall was removed to open up the kitchen to combine the kitchen and dining areas. It was very successful and the clients are really happy 😀.

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